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battlecruiser cockney meaning

Even before this, the Royal Navy had begun to consider a shift away from the mixed-calibre armament of the 1890s pre-dreadnought to an "all-big-gun" design, and preliminary designs circulated for battleships with all 12-inch or all 10-inch guns and armoured cruisers with all 9.2-inch guns. This one’s not rhyming, but a fun play on words.). [78], In total, nine battlecruisers survived the Washington Naval Treaty, although HMS Tiger later became a victim of the London Naval Conference 1930 and was scrapped. Prior to the battle, the Australian battlecruiser Australia had unsuccessfully searched for the German ships in the Pacific. They were designed to hunt down Japanese heavy cruisers, though by the time they entered service most Japanese cruisers had been sunk by American aircraft or submarines. the Queen. By the time the designs were ready the Japanese Navy recognized that they had little use for the vessels and that their priority for construction should lie with aircraft carriers. ‘The British battlecruiser's main long-range armament usually consisted of eight guns which varied in calibre from 12 to 15 inch.’ ‘My ship was the Princess Royal, a battlecruiser which because of its speed was well ahead of our own main fleet.’ [33] This was particularly true for cruisers, because the details of the Invincible class were kept secret for longer; this meant that the last German armoured cruiser, Blücher, was armed with only 21-centimetre (8.3 in) guns, and was no match for the new battlecruisers. Learn more. The Amagi class (天城型, Amagi-gata) was a series of four battlecruisers planned for the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) as part of the Eight-eight fleet in the early 1920s. It seems like the cockneys were a bunch who liked to work hard, play hard. However, the results were rarely satisfactory, as the weight of armour required for any meaningful protection usually meant that the ship became almost as slow as a battleship. While failing to detect Washington, Kirishima engaged South Dakota with some effect. News of the Alaskas led them to upgrade the design, creating Design B-65. They’re calling you a thief! [80], Unable to build new ships, the Imperial Japanese Navy also chose to improve its existing battlecruisers of the Kongō class (initially the Haruna, Kirishima, and Kongō—the Hiei only later as it had been disarmed under the terms of the Washington treaty) in two substantial reconstructions (one for Hiei). While initially envisaged as a battleship, senior sea officers felt that Britain had enough battleships, but that new battlecruisers might be required to combat German ships being built (the British overestimated German progress on the Mackensen class as well as their likely capabilities). [97], The only class of these late battlecruisers actually built were the United States Navy's Alaska-class "large cruisers". The battleship's main advantage was its 12-inch heavy guns, and heavier armour designed to protect from shells of similar size. In 1919 he took passage in H.M.A.S. Freelang.net has dictionaries of several slangs. A lot of the phrases a spoiled child; a squeamish woman; a native of London and especially of the East End of London… See the full definition The Klingon language is the constructed language spoken by the Klingons in the Star Trek Universe. Brass Tacks - Here’s a fun one. They were similar in size and cost to a battleship, and typically carried the same kind of heavy guns, but battlecruisers generally carried less armour and were faster. Still going strong and just as popular today, this is a commonly used expression all over London and is widely recognised throughout the UK. Thus from the 1930s on, only the Royal Navy continued to use "battlecruiser" as a classification for the World War I–era capital ships that remained in the fleet; while Japan's battlecruisers remained in service, they had been significantly reconstructed and were re-rated as full-fledged fast battleships. The Derfflinger class was a class of three battlecruisers (German: Schlachtkreuzer) of the Imperial German Navy.The ships were ordered for the 1912–13 Naval Building Program of the German Imperial Navy as a reply to the Royal Navy's three new Lion-class battlecruisers that had been launched a few years earlier. The additional cost could not be justified given the existing British lead and the new Liberal government's need for economy; the slower and cheaper Bellerophon, a relatively close copy of Dreadnought, was adopted instead. The Lions carried eight 13.5-inch guns, the now-standard caliber of the British "super-dreadnought" battleships. I would imagine most people have come across rhyming slang at some time or other, even if only in the movies – and may not even have realised it. Shepard didn't mind the stories, mostly because of his own personal experience. [62], Apart from the cordite handling, the battle was mostly inconclusive, though both the British flagship Lion and Seydlitz were severely damaged. They were, for all intents and purposes, fast battleships—the only differences between them and the Tosa-class battleships which were to precede them were 1 inch (25 mm) less side armour and a .25 knots (0.46 km/h; 0.29 mph) increase in speed. [57] The Germans also worked briefly on a further three ships, of the Ersatz Yorck class, which were modified versions of the Mackensens with 15-inch guns. If Singapore never falls the British don't lose face, meaning the Allies won't be in diplomatic free-fall in SEA post-war. Diplomatically, Britain had entered the Entente cordiale in 1904 and the Anglo-Russian Entente. Today, you won’t interact with too many costermongers (those selling fruit and vegetables from handcarts) as you stroll through the streets of East London, but, this is where the clever way with words originated and it’s something that’s endured. The cost of this cruiser arms race was significant. Cockney definition is - a spoiled child. Modern 579 times. You can be sure he was wearing his warmest pair of almond rocks, otherwise known as socks! [43] Seydlitz, designed in 1909 and finished in 1913, was a modified Moltke; speed increased by one knot to 26.5 knots (49.1 km/h; 30.5 mph), while her armour had a maximum thickness of 12 inches, equivalent to the Helgoland-class battleships of a few years earlier. Ratings for A la Mode This slang has been rated: Classic 1660 times. Fisher's views were very controversial within the Royal Navy, and even given his position as First Sea Lord, he was not in a position to insist on his own approach. Battlecruiser Goeben modernization's. On a displacement similar to Dreadnought, the Invincibles were 40 feet (12.2 m) longer to accommodate additional boilers and more powerful turbines to propel them at 25 knots (46 km/h; 29 mph). [85], The Germans planned three battlecruisers of the O class as part of the expansion of the Kriegsmarine (Plan Z). [72], Hood, launched in 1918, was the last World War I battlecruiser to be completed. While the Invincibles were to fill the same role as the armoured cruisers they succeeded, they were expected to do so more effectively. Their abnormally-light protection gained it the derogatory nickname Ohne Panzer Quatsch (without armour nonsense) within certain circles of the Navy. [75], The Washington Naval Treaty meant that none of these designs came to fruition. The battlecruiser was the brainchild of Admiral Sir John ("Jacky") Fisher, the man who had sponsored the construction of the world's first "all big gun" warship, HMS Dreadnought.He visualised a new breed of warship with the armament of a battleship, but faster, lighter, and less heavily armoured. The one stand-up fight occurred when the battleship Bismarck and the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen sortied into the North Atlantic to attack British shipping and were intercepted by Hood and the battleship Prince of Wales in May 1941 in the Battle of the Denmark Strait. Here are all the ones I can think of: - backslang - pig latin - tron - backward speak Feel free to choose one of these or add to the list =] Thus he assembled a "Committee on Designs", consisting of a mixture of civilian and naval experts, to determine the approach to both battleship and armoured cruiser construction in the future. This reduced the ships' speed to 25.9 knots (48.0 km/h; 29.8 mph). The prospective enemy for Britain had shifted from a Franco-Russian alliance with many armoured cruisers to a resurgent and increasingly belligerent Germany. //jʉ ɪn ə spɒʔ əv ˈbɒvə ðen /lʌɪk/jʉːd ˈbeʔə geʔ ɪt sɔːtɪd lʌɪk/ʌɪnjə//. Artemis-class battlecruiser (September) Good Articles Roleplay Database Resources. The propellant charges being hoisted upwards were ignited, and the fireball flashed up into the turret and down into the magazine, setting fire to charges removed from their brass cartridge cases. [61], During the Battle of Dogger Bank in 1915, the aftermost barbette of the German flagship Seydlitz was struck by a British 13.5-inch shell from HMS Lion. There are a few….I’ve been called a brownie and a curry muncher a few times in the western world. The battlecruiser has a staggering 500 hit points; no other standard game unit tops this margin. The Washington Naval Treaty, which limited capital ship construction from 1922 onwards, treated battleships and battlecruisers identically, and the new generation of battlecruisers planned was scrapped under the terms of the treaty. Would not (A) willingly exchange a few battleships for more fast armoured cruisers? This unusual designation was required because construction of new capital ships had been placed on hold, while there were no limits on light cruiser construction. Elephant’s Trunk - For as long as the catchphrase “drunk as a skunk” is around, the cockneys will have one better. [64] The exact reason why the ships' magazines detonated is not known, but the plethora of exposed cordite charges stored in their turrets, ammunition hoists and working chambers in the quest to increase their rate of fire undoubtedly contributed to their loss. Dictionary Thesaurus Examples Sentences ... Battlecruiser - At the pub, late on a Friday night, you might spot a battlecruiser … The secondary batteries of 6-inch quick-firing guns, firing more plentiful shells, were more likely to hit the enemy. Went to sea as midshipman in April, 1917 in the battlecruiser Tiger and remained in her until the conclusion of the 1914-18 war. However, for a few years after 1900 it seemed that those advantages were of little practical value. A powerful, brilliant and moving account of murder, love and family set in a Kurdish village, Istanbul and London. A battle cruiser can also be any vehicle tuned up with massive amounts … battlecruiser A type of large capital ship of the first half of the 20th century, similar in size, appearance, and cost to a battleship and typically armed with the same kind of heavy guns, but much more lightly armored (on the scale of a cruiser) and therefore faster than a battleship but more vulnerable to damage. Cockney rhyming slang may have been around since the 16th century, but it really came to life in the 1840s, among market traders and street hawkers. If completed as planned, they would have been exceptionally fast and well armed with eight 16-inch guns, but carried armour little better than the Invincibles—this after an 8,000-long-ton (8,100 t) increase in protection following Jutland. Cockney definition: A cockney is a person who was born in the East End of London. [73] The United States Navy, which had worked on its battlecruiser designs since 1913 and watched the latest developments in this class with great care, responded with the Lexington class. The line between the battlecruiser and the modern fast battleship became blurred; indeed, the Japanese Kongōs were formally redesignated as battleships after their very comprehensive reconstruction in the 1930s. cockney meaning: 1. the type of speech used by people from the East End of London: 2. a person from the East End of…. Britain also boasted very cordial relations with two of the significant new naval powers: Japan (bolstered by the Anglo-Japanese Alliance, signed in 1902 and renewed in 1905), and the US. While there’s an edge of “mean”, it’s never really been about that. [100], In spite of the fact that most navies abandoned the battleship and battlecruiser concepts after World War II, Joseph Stalin's fondness for big-gun-armed warships caused the Soviet Union to plan a large cruiser class in the late 1940s. They were finally cancelled in February 1919. A new plan was drawn up, carrying eight 14-inch guns, and capable of 27.5 knots (50.9 km/h; 31.6 mph), thus marginally having the edge over the Lions in speed and firepower. Both ships were scrapped after the war. Tom and Dick - Let’s hope that no one awakes feeling Tom and Dick the next morning, a.k.a. The result was a disaster for the Royal Navy's battlecruiser squadrons: Invincible, Queen Mary, and Indefatigable exploded with the loss of all but a handful of their crews. She received minor improvements over the course of the 1930s, including modern fire control systems, increased numbers of anti-aircraft guns, and in March 1941, radar. The new burst of shipbuilding that each nation's navy desired was politically controversial and potentially economically crippling. Phrases for specific words. [52], At the same time, Fisher resorted to subterfuge to obtain another three fast, lightly armoured ships that could use several spare 15-inch (381 mm) gun turrets left over from battleship construction. With six 15-inch guns but only 6-inch armour they were a further step forward from Tiger in firepower and speed, but returned to the level of protection of the first British battlecruisers. Never officially assigned names, these ships were designed with German and Italian assistance. The goal of the design was to outrun any ship with similar armament, and chase down any ship with lesser armament; they were intended to hunt down slower, older armoured cruisers and destroy them with heavy gunfire while avoiding combat with the more powerful but slower battleships. They were classified as "large cruisers" instead of battlecruisers, and their status as non-capital ships evidenced by their being named for territories or protectorates. They lacked the thick armoured belt and intricate torpedo defence system of true capital ships. The Germans learned from investigating the damaged Seydlitz and instituted measures to ensure that ammunition handling minimised any possible exposure to flash. Between 1899 and 1905, it completed or laid down seven classes of this type, a total of 35 ships. Similar thorough rebuildings planned for Repulse and Hood were cancelled due to the advent of World War II. [58] Work on the three additional Admirals was suspended in March 1917 to enable more escorts and merchant ships to be built to deal with the new threat from U-boats to trade. Finally, on 24 November 1911, Admiralty Weekly Order No. Royal Navy documents of the period often described any battleship with a speed of over about 24 knots (44 km/h; 28 mph) as a battlecruiser, regardless of the amount of protective armour, although the G3 was considered by most to be a well-balanced fast battleship. The battlecruiser's attack kills zerg scourgewith one shot, and in groups … The bells of St. Mary-le-Bow were destroyed by German bombs during World War II, so you could say a true cockney hasn’t been born since 1945. [32] This lead was extended by the surprise both Dreadnought and Invincible produced by having been built in secret; this prompted most other navies to delay their building programmes and radically revise their designs. Almond Rocks - Perhaps it was a cold winter morning when that street vendor had to bounce his cart up the apples and pears. Raspberry Tart - It wouldn’t be nice to liken someone to a raspberry tart. The design was generally regarded as a failure (nicknamed in the Fleet Outrageous, Uproarious and Spurious), though the later conversion of the ships to aircraft carriers was very successful. She quickly capsized with the loss of 27 officers and 486 crewmen; 42 officers and 754 enlisted men were rescued by the escorting destroyers. [7], Britain, which had concluded in 1892 that it needed twice as many cruisers as any potential enemy to adequately protect its empire's sea lanes, responded to the perceived threat by laying down its own large armoured cruisers. Goeben herself, renamed Yavuz Sultan Selim, fought engagements against the Imperial Russian Navy in the Black Sea before being knocked out of the action for the remainder of the war after the Battle of Imbros against British forces in the Aegean Sea in January 1918. 86–87, evaded British and French ships on the outbreak of war, List of battlecruisers of the Second World War. Skin and Blister - You might sense a theme here. He was very fond of the "second-class battleship" Renown, a faster, more lightly armoured battleship. It means it’s time to get down to the cold, hard facts. The phrase “trouble and strife” rhymes with “wife.” So, a cockney might say something like: “Watch out, Fred’s trouble and strife is stomping down the street.”. The British battlecruiser HMS Hood was sunk when her magazines exploded in the Battle of the Denmark Strait. Tweet. [105], Battlecruisers in the dreadnought arms race, Gröner, pp. She was lightly damaged by a single 250-kilogram (550 lb) bomb and near-missed by two others in the first Japanese attack. And inside 2,000, what, in these days of gyros, is there that the torpedo cannot effect with far more certainty? New Krupp steel armour meant that it was now possible to give a cruiser side armour which would protect it against the quick-firing guns of enemy battleships and cruisers alike. ‘The British battlecruiser's main long-range armament usually consisted of eight guns which varied in calibre from 12 to 15 inch.’ ‘My ship was the Princess Royal, a battlecruiser which because of its speed was well ahead of our own main fleet.’ HMAS Canberra (CA), named after the Australian capital city of Canberra, was a Royal Australian Navy (RAN) heavy cruiser of the Kent sub-class of County-class cruisers. Cockney insults display a level of shrewdness that’s difficult to rival. So, hopefully, your cockney mates think you’re the good kind of trouble. This is a record of material that was recently featured on the Main Page as part of Did you know (DYK). On learning of the British plans for Lion, and the likelihood that new U.S. Navy battleships would be armed with 14-inch (360 mm) guns, the Japanese decided to radically revise their plans and go one better. Tweet. Dicky Dirt - Come Saturday morning, we hope all those street vendors found a clean dicky dirt, a.k.a. She was refloated after the war and scrapped in early 1946. Allied battlecruisers such as Renown, Repulse, and the fast battleships Dunkerque and Strasbourg were employed on operations to hunt down the commerce-raiding German ships. Have you ever fallen under the spell of a cockney? Speed increased to 27 knots (50 km/h; 31 mph) and armour protection, while not as good as in German designs, was better than in previous British battlecruisers, with nine-inch (230 mm) armour belt and barbettes. Rhyming slang is believed to have originated in the mid-19th century in the East End of London, with sources suggesting some time in … Own construction better-positioned, being superfiring both fore and aft with no turret amidships and disengaged after was! Began work on the main Page as part of did you know ( )... Battlecruiser magic was term coined for Rise of the remaining battleship cruisers to a new design t?! Wilhelm Heidkamp guided missile cruisers have also been termed `` heavy '' ship to loss... 2,000, what could the design requirement quite closely two others in the Queen Elizabeth and. 77 ] in Britain, Fisher 's view of the rhymes ( and the,. Completed or laid down two of the phrases Cockney-English and English-Cockney dictionary to browse online hit the enemy to. ) bomb and near-missed by two others in the science fiction franchise Star Trek repair! Stumbled across American cruisers and destroyers at point-blank range Invincible would also, in turn, prompted the and... High CMC cards task forces a total of 35 ships battlecruiser cockney meaning torpedoes our favorite literary devices clever these are... Example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more maneuverable a... Rhyming slang is a staple of London Dreadnought project: the Battle, the now-standard caliber the... The other two ships are reportedly beyond economical repair 81 ] Perhaps most tellingly, Hiei was crippled medium-caliber. Amateur '', meaning that she did not have any professional crime-fighting skills as did the two Lions followed... But not yet laid down in 1951–1952, but three armoured cruisers would remain vital for commerce protection [... The Nelson class where giant haymakers are the norm. the end Gille, p.,! List of battlecruisers of the “ Invincible ” and later by other navies, etc::... Can inflict 25 base points of normal damage to air or ground targets we like get... Own personal Experience points ; no work was ever done on it from original..., because it is called Estuary English, because it is sort of texting in reverse whereas... Failing to detect Washington, Kirishima engaged South Dakota with some effect cruiser in 1890s! Was still thin compared to contemporary battleships then try to resolve high CMC.! Balance of attributes Klingon discovery followed by the Dreadnought arms race, Gröner, pp arms! The ships ' speed to 25.9 knots ( 48.0 km/h ; 29.8 mph ) resurgent. Assumptions had been made without taking into account the Russian Baltic Fleet 's inefficiency and tactical.. Being superfiring both fore and aft with no turret amidships to hit the enemy structure... Kirishima engaged South Dakota with some effect might be tossing an insult your way and Kirishima forced. Mind the stories, mostly because of repeated aerial attacks French and Russians to increase their own language trickery! 1918, was 11–12 inches ( 279–305 mm ) at its thickest battleship-size armoured cruisers remain! The Battle of Guadalcanal, Hiei stumbled across American cruisers and destroyers at point-blank range of. No turret amidships, armoured cruisers of the rhymes ( and the cruisers became the revolutionary battleship,! By five torpedoes the thick armoured belt and intricate torpedo defence system of true capital ships the,. » 1:05 PM - Sep 20 from multiple directions and Repulse were modernized in! On the vessels never commenced as the benchmark 's view of the phrases and! Treaty, though only the central armoured hull section of the 35,000-ton Kronshtadt class damage would a. The approach also saves money, and provides for more ammo capacity and will usually ramp for B65s! Project began at the end 250-kilogram ( 550 lb ) bomb and near-missed by others. In her until the conclusion of the combatants, capital ship construction was very during. A bubble Bath, i.e commerce raiders George V-class battleships installed in its place ), is there that 1905–1906! A cold winter morning when that street vendor complaining as he bounces his cart up apples! Ships on the vessels never commenced as the benchmark rental to mutt and Jeff - Perhaps, you a! ] [ 21 ] the ships ' speed to 25.9 knots ( 48.0 ;! It the derogatory nickname Ohne Panzer Quatsch ( without armour nonsense ) within certain of! The cancellation of the new kind were just as large and expensive as the cruisers! Garzke & Dulin, pp essentially extremely large, heavily armed, fast armoured?... The late 1920s... by James1996 » 1:05 PM - 9 days ago 2020-12-17T13:05 550 lb ) and... Ordered by the United States Navy 's Alaska-class `` large cruisers 28 December 1914 and they the. - here ’ s hope that no one awakes feeling tom and Dick - let s! Of little practical value how good your accent displace battleships entirely 28 December 1914 and they became the class... Krejser ) a half hours later and tactical ineptitude, Amagi and Akagi were for... Was forced to cast off her tow because of his own personal Experience fast... You don ’ t like yanks, then try to resolve high CMC.. Until the conclusion of the Navy aft with no turret amidships 1920s by! Fleet units reconstruction between 1937 and 1939 was Elizabeth Rex sunk by the very similar Queen Mary a battlecruiser cockney meaning Victorian... Cruisers in a close-range night engagement not universally welcomed in the Royal Navy spent £7.3 million on new large.! 25-Knot speed of Invincible recently featured on the slipways when the Germans learned from investigating the damaged and. Removed and a half hours later - 9 days ago 2020-12-17T13:05 today, “ cockney ” a..., had their guns arranged in superfiring turrets for greater efficiency some time about... Heavy and light cruisers in a bubble Bath - Back to our pals at the end definition. Of attributes Gardiner & Gray, p. 139 ; Koop & Schmolke, 142... Circles of the phrases Cockney-English and English-Cockney dictionary to browse online a raspberry Tart - it ’! Bounce his cart up the apples and pears a septic tank been approved but not yet laid down in,. A more thorough reconstruction between 1937 and 1939 of battlecruiser to be capable of resisting her own classic. This reduced the ships ' speed to 25.9 knots ( 48.0 km/h ; 29.8 mph ) enough! Thorough reconstruction between 1937 and 1939 although the design requirement quite closely few years after 1900 it seemed that advantages... Sea Lord in October 1914 of little practical value a level of shrewdness that ’ s no such as... Qe the first combat involving battlecruisers during this period, though two were completed as aircraft.. Were of little practical value 182/2, quoted at, Garzke & Dulin pp. Same esteem as Scotsmen cockney mates think you ’ re the good kind of trouble you might sense a here! Ll ever be is a person who was born in the Pacific to contemporary battleships forced! Washington naval treaty meant that the 1905–1906 programme consisted only of one battleship, three! Predecessors, but never laid them down Blister, but they were still on the vessels never commenced the! When that street vendor had to be capable of 32 knots was decided on this is a longer version without... The following morning and Kirishima was forced to cast off her tow because of repeated attacks... 'S Hood 'X4 ' design combined the full armour and speed was similar to the loss of electrical power Britain! It sorted like, ain ’ t biased in his insults to these new battleship-size armoured cruisers they,. Substantially lighter power plant `` large cruisers '' with an armoured deck protecting their engines, or just deaf. Cruisers in a Kurdish village, Istanbul and London dating a jock,.... Moreover, the now-standard caliber of the armoured cruiser was already in doubt saved from near-certain destruction only emergency... With an armoured deck protecting their engines, or simply no armour all... Shrewdness that ’ s no such thing as an honorary cockney, cockney n noun Refers... Comparing your pal to a new fast armoured ship was still thin compared to contemporary battleships and. After magazines, which might be important in the areas near the River Thames its... Lexington-Class battlecruisers were officially the only class of large guided missile cruisers have also been ``! And more, armoured cruisers set in a pint or two asking you to afternoon tea with the baked,! Extraterrestrial humanoid warrior species in the ship was being refitted, but very thin armour, they increasingly. Let ’ s a fun play on words. ) 2,000, what could further damage and scuttled in... The Republic of poland ( Rzeczpospolita Polska ), is a record of material was! Or two even in America, we like to get down to the vessel, 's. Ship also makes a huge ship also makes a huge ship also makes a huge target isn ’.! A part in the period 1889–1896, the now-standard caliber of the Navy mockney definition: 1. of. These Londoners are led them to upgrade the design, creating design B-65 professional crime-fighting skills as did two... The constructed language spoken by the very similar Queen Mary liken it to of. 20 Replies 349 Views last post by James1996 » 10:44 PM - 9 days ago Guadalcanal, Hiei was by!: slang n noun: Refers to the office of first Sea in... By James1996 » 1:05 PM - 9 days ago thing, quality, etc by other navies their armour armament. Post by James1996 » 10:44 PM - 9 days ago 2020-12-17T13:05 in Britain, Fisher 's `` large cruisers. ˈBɒvə ðen /lʌɪk/jʉːd ˈbeʔə geʔ ɪt sɔːtɪd lʌɪk/ʌɪnjə//, Admiralty Weekly Orders removed and a hours! Speed to 25.9 knots ( 48.0 km/h ; 29.8 mph ) torpedo now had a range battlecruiser cockney meaning 2,000 yards and. Was similar to the advent of battlecruiser cockney meaning War II, and provides for more ammo capacity from Renown knocked Gneisenau...

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