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spotted gum timber

Dimensions. 1 of 5. Origin : A large hardwood of very common occurrence growing in an area ranging from the New South Wales/Victorian border to the Maryborough district in Queensland. Its colour varies from light brown to dark red-brown. Spotted gum is one of Australia’s premium native hardwoods with a striking appearance and a high degree of natural durability and strength, making it an ideal timber for a variety of structural, exterior and interior applications. Cypress Pine. Generally it’s the entire select grade from the run and the better boards from the standard grade. Variable Height Trims - Timber Flooring Accessories; Hybrid Stair Nosing - Timber Flooring Accessories; Custom Stair Treads - Timber Flooring Accessories; Laminate Scotia - Timber Flooring Accessories ; Timber Scotia - Timber Flooring Accessories; Laminate Stair Nosing - Timber Flooring Accessories; Timber Stair Nosing - Timber Flooring Accessories; Regency. Spotted Gum Corymbia Maculata, Corymbia Citrodora, Eucalyptus Henryi. The heartwood colour ranges from dark pink to reddish brown. CLICK TO CALL OUR TIMBER EXPERTS: 03 9808 5522. Spotted Gum is another hardwood that is used for timber decking and hardwood flooring in Brisbane. It is often used for planting along streets and in parks, but usually grows too tall for home planting. call us 02 8880 9944. The heartwood ranges from rich reddish browns through lighter browns and to pinkish greys. per page. Spotted Gum trees grow around 40 metres tall. Texture moderately coarse. Texture is moderately coarse and even with an interlocking grain. Spotted gum is … Oil Based Finishes – Curing Oils; some types include “Tung or Linseed” they are designed to dissolve in mineral turpentine or white spirits and also contain some added chemicals for the curing of the product. This wavy type grain may be quite distinctive. A premium Australian hardwood with a vibrant array of colour spotted gum is a favourite timber choice amongst designers for both exterior and interior applications. In select grade you can get a small amount of natural features like gum vein and pin holes. The grain is often interlocked and generally features some ‘fiddleback’ figure. A large hardwood found on the north eastern corner of Victoria and into the south Coast of NSW. Heartwood class 2 durability above ground, not termite resistant and Janka hardness of  9.0. In fact, spotted gum is the highest volume native hardwood harvested in Queensland. Hobbyists like Spotted Gum for woodturning and carving, due to its workability. This is an attractive feature, particularly in exposed/polished situations such as flooring. Heartwood class 3 above ground, not Termite resistant and Janka hardness of 8.1. Oli modified urethanes also have some issues with yellowing with age but are a popular choice as they have  a middle of the range price tag and still have  reasonable amount of durability and good edge bond resistance. A large Hardwood found from the districts of Warragul in Victoria and as far north as Cairns QLD. It’s also commonly known as wood flooring and hardwood flooring in the market. Hardwoods commonly get harder over time, and thus more resistant to termites, however depending on long term treatment, moisture content, age, and condition, the timber can become more vulnerable. Spotted Gum is actually four different species of timber, all of which grow along our east coast, from the northern part of Queensland all the way down to Victoria. Spotted Gum is a diverse timber with a magnificent mix of colours and wood grain ranging from light brown, chocolate brown, light green and light golden browns, and it has a wavy type grain, giving it a very striking appearance. Spotted Gum Durable Timbers. Heartwood class 3 above ground, Termite resistant and Janka hardness of 9.5. When selecting the board size you need to assess the job site to determine the best option for the particular job. New England Blackbutt is sourced from the coastal ranges and tablelands of northern NSW and southern Queensland. It machines well to a good smooth finish and accepts stains quite well. The sapwood is distinctly paler. They can vary quite a bit from different brands and product ranges with the same brand to contain more or less urethane portions and by having different levels of urethane it can make the product more durable and flexible to help achieve different results. It is a popular material with designers and architects due to its attractive brown colour tones, which, when coupled with its high durability, make it a perfect decking material. It is hard, durable and strong. Spotted Gum is strong and durable timber with good amount of natural oils. It has a light blonde colour with slight straw brown tones to occasionally include a slight pinkish tinge. It’s available in a myriad of colours, ranging from light greyish browns to rich reddish browns, which means it can seamlessly integrate into any setting. Its wavy grain and mix of light brown tones produce an attractive blend of Australian timber tones and features. Architects and designers throughout the world value spotted gum timbers for their back-sawn grain structure, attractive markings and vibrant colour palette. Heartwood is Red with lighter sapwood. Spotted Gum is a diverse timber with a magnificent mix of colours and wood grain ranging from light brown, chocolate brown, light green and light golden browns, and it has a wavy type grain, giving it a very striking appearance. Heartwood Class 1 Durability above ground, Termite Resistant and Janka Hardness of 14. As a lighter Matte colour, the beautiful timber grain is very apparent. Unseasoned timber can be used to create beautiful design features, such as exposed framing or rustic exterior cladding. The most common Red ironbark’s are Mugger Ironbark (Eucalyptus sideroxylon), narrow-leaved Red Ironbark (E.creba) & broad-leaved Red Ironbark (E.fibrosa). This slab has been sanded to a smooth even finish and coated with a water based exterior primer. Spotted gum is a moderately coarse and uneven textured wood with some timbers having the additional feature of a wavy grain, giving rise to an attractive fiddleback figure Different finishes… Timbers include - Blackbutt, Red gum, Blue gum, Ironbark, Spotted gum, Mahogany etc All different sizes available from small chopping board sizes up to massive dining table sizes.Heaps to choose from. SPOTTED GUM: RANGE NAME: TIMBER TRENDS: STRIP LOOK: 1 STRIP: STYLE: LUXURY VINYL PLANK: BOARD SIZE: 1524 X 228.6 X 5MM: PRICE INDICATOR $$ WARRANTY: 30 years residential / 10 year commercial surface guarantee: WARRANTY TYPE: MANUFACTURER: FEATURES: 4 SIDED MICRO BEVEL EDGE, EXTRA HEAVY DUTY, HARD WEARING, MODERN DESIGN, WATER PROOF SURFACE WE … As with most timbers we supply, our spotted gum decking Brisbane & Australia wide is naturally fire resistant and is well suited to most locations in Australia. Heartwood class 2 durability above ground, Termite Resistant and Janka hardness of  9.5. Spotted gum is generally found in dry sclerophyll forests and is not a rainforest species. Spotted Gum battens can be used for internal or external screening to create an architectural design or create privacy with style. It is used in flooring although the pale sapwood is susceptible to Lyctus borer unless treated. Sapwood is a very distinctive pale yellow in colour. As for the colouring, it is available in a varied range of colours, depending on the location of the source forest. This grade is for those who want a floor with high features and also a low budget cost floor covering. Water based coatings are the healthier option not only for the home owner but also the contractor as there are no strong solvent smells. Spotted Gum . Texture is medium and even. Feature Grade is priced from $2.75 per Lineal Metre. It is relatively free of gum veins and has a close resemblance to the popular Blackbutt. The grade consists of large gum veins, termite galleries, knot holes, excess surface checking and miss machining. Produced from a renewable resource … Due to four different but related species, the colours vary from dark chocolate brown to pale heartwood, with the sapwood being very pale. Engineered Timber - Boral Spotted Gum quantity. Grey Gum is resistant to termites and is a class 1 durability hardwood. Heartwood class 1 above ground, Termite resistant and Janka hardness 14. Timber flooring that constructed with more than […] SPOTTED GUM Australian Timbers – Spotted Gum Spotted Gum Timber flooring is a product of nature. Not recommended for a polish finish. Spotted gum is a native hardwood that produces a wavy grain, which makes an extremely attractive polished veneer for use in interior decorating. It grows in the coastal forests of NSW from Bega on the south coast up to Maryborough in Queensland. About the Timber Application Suitability Technical Data Downloads Gallery Related Projects. With so many types of finishes available these days it is best to get some advice from the installer of your floor or give our sales team a call to discuss the best option for your application. Sapwood is white to light brown in colour. A large hardwood grown in the rich soils of the high rainfall areas between Sydney and Cairns.

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