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religion for the non religious

But people use all sorts of devious means to avoid having to face reality. And that’s like an ice cream cone compared to the insane shit quantum mechanics tells us—like two particles across the universe from one another being mysteriously linked to each other’s behavior, or a cat that’s both alive and dead at the same time, until you look at it. As we established earlier, compared to a more evolved level of consciousness, we might be like a three-year-old, a monkey, or an ant—so why would we assume that we’re even capable of understanding everything in that purple blob? Maybe you already have your own clear, well-defined advancement strategy and you just need a name for it. not having a religious character : secular. We need to focus on the mini spectrum of consciousness within our step, which we can do by breaking our step down into four substeps: Climbing this mini consciousness staircase is the road to truth, the way to wisdom, my personal mission for growth, and a bunch of other cliché statements I never thought I’d hear myself say. has a lot of the same basic beliefs that you do, even if there is (An even worse staircase criminal is the loathsome world of American politics, with a culture that lives on Step 1 and where politicians appeal directly to people’s animals, deliberately avoiding anything on Steps 2-4.). I like to think of it as a consciousness staircase: An ant is more conscious than a bacterium, a chicken more than an ant, a monkey more than a chicken, and a human more than a monkey. So settle in, grab some coffee, and get your brain out and onto the table in front of you—you’ll want to have it there to reference as we explore what a weird, complicated object it is. Only a human can imagine the acorn that sunk into the ground 40 years earlier, the small flimsy stalk it was at three years old, how stark the tree must look when it’s winter, and the eventual dead tree lying horizontally in that same place. You’d fire the nutritionist. When I think about people I know, I realize that my level of respect and admiration for a person is almost entirely in line with how wise and conscious a person I think they are. Previous Post mysteriously linked to each other’s behavior, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQr8UWuVefA, How to Pick a Career (That Actually Fits You), Why You Should Stop Caring What Other People Think. But there’s a lot more to it as Differentiating religious from nonreligious belief systems is sometimes easy, but other times rather difficult, as demonstrated by the arguments people have over what qualifies as a religion. Being aware that the fog exists and learning how to recognize it is the key first step to rising up in consciousness and becoming a wiser person. . It’s where a lot of Jewish tradition is preserved. On Step 3, I see myself as a miraculous arrangement of atoms in vast space that for a split second in endless eternity has come together to form a moment of consciousness that is my life…and I see that cashier as another moment of consciousness that happens to exist on the same speck of time and space that I do. The fog is what stands in your way, making you unconscious, delusional, and small-minded, so the key day-to-day growth strategy is staying cognizant of the fog and training your mind to try to see the full truth in any situation. The good news is there’s no learning required to be on Step 2—your Higher Being already knows the context around all of these life situations. Hundreds of millions of years of evolutionary adaptations geared toward animal survival in a rough world are very much rooted in our DNA, and the primitive impulses in us have birthed a bunch of low-grade qualities—fear, pettiness, jealousy, greed, instant-gratification, etc. Which probably annoyingly boils down to fear of death somehow.↩, Sidenote: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQr8UWuVefA↩, Some dispute that Kelvin said this, claiming it was actually said by another great 19th century physicist, Albert A. Michelson. To Be Religious Or Non-Religious? That’s it—remaining cognizant of the fog and remembering to look at the whole context keeps you conscious, aware of reality, and as you’ll see, makes you a much better version of yourself than you are on Step 1. Granted, being an atheist and going to It doesn’t take hard work, and no additional information or expertise is needed—you only have to consciously think about being on Step 2 instead of Step 1 and you’re there. We just have to understand the game and work hard to get good at it. That’s the only thing we use the list for—and since my posting schedule isn’t exactly…regular…this is the best way to stay up-to-date with WBW posts. It’s either the grandest theory we’ve ever come up with or totally false, and there are great scientists on both sides of this debate. Given my default outlook that I have a small handful of decades left and then an eternity of nonexistence, the fact that we might be totally wrong sounds tremendously hopeful to me. All of this sets up a world that makes it hard to treat internal growth as anything other than a hobby, an extra-curricular, icing on the life cake. On the science front, we’ve managed to be consistently gullible in believing that “realizing you’ve been horribly wrong about reality” is a phenomenon only of the past. Talking about shoes one major aspect. There are similarities between them all, but also some major Religion and the atheist, starting the journey, Religion and the atheist, starting the journey. Yet, more often than not, non-religion tends to be formed in relation to, in opposition with, or in different dialogues with, dominant forms of religion. people fall under: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and So But —Richard Feynman. religion, and in particular, Christianity, can have value for an If you’re evolving successfully, as you get older, you should be spending more and more time on Step 2 and less and less on Step 1. Better than I used to be with a long way to go. We live our days as if we’re just here on this green and brown land with our blue sky and our chipmunks and our caterpillars. As an atheist and going to church, I could ignore the parts Part My challenge to you is to decide on a term for yourself that accurately sums up your growth framework. neutral. It has also been translated into Korean and German. So what are we completely incapable of grasping even if a more intelligent species tried its hardest to explain it to us? But as I studied more, that slipped away into an Irreligion, or nonreligion, is the absence, indifference to, or rejection of religion. —Carl Sagan. We don’t have to know more than we know, we only have to be aware of what we know and what we don’t know. With a good church, the : Japanese Spirituality: Being Non-Religious in a Religious Culture, translated here for the first time in English, was first published in Japan in 1996. That’s a Step 1 way to view an atheist, where life on Earth is taken for granted and it’s assumed that any positive impulse or emotion must be due to circumstances outside of life. Over time, you want your [Time on Step 2] / [Time on Step 1] ratio to go up a little bit each year, and you want to get better and better at inducing Step 3 Whoa moments and reminding yourself of the Step 4 purple blob. Am I a good Truthist? Yet, this is not the true at all about The Four Steps to Forgiveness.Yes some relgious people use it, but it is a neutral, generic technique that can be … Whichever account is correct, a great scientist said it.↩, This theory went out of style with the popularity of inflationary theory, but some prominent physicists are now questioning the validity of inflationary theory.↩. For now, let’s ignore those much higher steps and just focus on the step right above us—that light green step. Because when I make these inexplicably stupid, self-defeating decisions, I’m swimming in fog.↩, I use a weird one, where I pretend I have a dial I can set to a number of sleep hours and then press the button and instantly it’s that many hours later and I’ve slept the number of hours on the dial, and I can resume doing what I’m doing. Jesus for the Non-Religious offered insight into the common misconceptions of the gospels, it dispelled the myths surrounding Jesus Christ while also maintained that Jesus was a real person. Or maybe you have no idea what your growth framework is, or what you’re using isn’t working. The efforts were there—apparent in many of this blog’s post topics—but I had no growth model, no real plan, no clear mission. The normally-complicated world of morality is suddenly crystal clear, because the only fathomable emotions on Step 3 are the most high-level. But Step 3 is only possible because science has cleared the way there, which is why Carl Sagan said that “science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality.” In this way, science is the “prophet” of this framework—the one who reveals new truth to us and gives us an opportunity to alter ourselves by accessing it. As I mentioned before, during some of What would make him cringe? What other explanation is there for the utterly inexplicable decision by so many famous men in positions of power to bring down the career and marriage they spent their lives building by having an affair? there is an interesting phenomenon. They tell people to look to ancient scripture for answers instead of the depths of the mind, and their stubborn certainty when it comes to right and wrong often leaves them at the back of the pack when it comes to the evolution of social issues. I've begun noticing a sort of central theme throughout the New Testament, ... Christianity against religion. I . You can find most of these same emotions in a clan of capuchin monkeys—and that makes sense, because at their core, these emotions can be boiled down to the two keys of animal survival: self-preservation and the need to reproduce. If not for thick fog, why would anyone ever pinch pennies over a restaurant bill or keep an unpleasantly-rigid scorecard of who paid for what on a trip, when everyone reading this could right now give each of their friends a quick and accurate 1-10 rating on the cheap-to-generous (or selfish-to-considerate) scale, and the few hundred bucks you save over time by being on the cheap end of the scale is hardly worth it considering how much more likable and respectable it is to be generous? Society at large focuses on shallow things, so it doesn’t stress the need to take real growth seriously. Religion for the Non-Religious March 23, 2008 . Just wondering: -What religion do you put your faith in, if any? Having our understanding of reality overturned by a new groundbreaking discovery is like a shocking twist in this epic mystery novel humanity is reading, and scientific progress is regularly dotted with these twists—the Earth being round, the solar system being heliocentric, not geocentric, the discovery of subatomic particles or galaxies other than our own, and evolutionary theory, to name a few. The Higher Being alone would be a more advanced species, and the animals alone would be one far more primitive, and it’s their particular coexistence that makes us distinctly human. Religion for Atheists provides new ways to look at religion. And only on Step 1 do we feel that primitive “us versus them” tribalism that makes us hate people different than us. Many of today’s religions play to people’s fog with “believe in this or else…” fear-mongering and books that are often a rallying cry for ‘us vs. them’ divisiveness. The game so far has for the most part been clearing out fog to become as conscious as possible of what we as people and as a species know about truth: On Step 4, we’re reminded of the complete truth—which is this: The fact is, any discussion of our full reality—of the truth of the universe or our existence—is a complete delusion without acknowledging that big purple blob that makes up almost all of that reality. core beliefs is that God exists. This isolates for me the fact that I’m not actually a night owl—my Higher Being wants to sleep from 11-7—it’s just that I have a short-sighted, fog-based resistance against going to sleep. In den folgenden Produkten finden Sie die absolute Top-Auswahl von Religion for non religious, während Platz 1 den TOP-Favorit ausmacht. It’s why we’re self-absorbed and narcissistic; vain and greedy; narrow-minded and judgmental; cold, callous, and even cruel. Christianity for one point accept wearing shoes while worshipping whereas other religions like Hinduism and Islam doesn’t. a universe of atoms . The Higher Being is brilliant, big-thinking, and totally rational. Whoa moments are rare and very soon after one, I’m back down here being a human again. But are you wiser? A) Definitely something, and B) Nothing we can understand better than a monkey can understand our world and how we think. But if you’re not religious, then anything that gets you in touch with your inner self – quiet time, meditation, listening to music, reading books, surfing, gardening, walking in nature – anything that brings you home to yourself, might be spiritual for you. What are your practices on a day-to-day level, and what should your progress look like year-to-year? It’s when the fog is thickest that you’re the least aware that it’s there at all—it makes you unconscious. For a long time, I wrestled over the title of this post. Non-religion is stated by Lee to be any “position, perspective, or practice” which “is primarily understood in relation to religion but which is not itself considered to be religious.” This definition of non-religion focuses on the differences between religion … Find another word for nonreligious. Step 2 is all about thinning out the fog enough to bring the Higher Being’s thoughts and abilities into your consciousness, allowing you to see behind and around the things that happen in life. The bad news is that it’s extremely hard to stay on Step 2 for long. If you’d like to support Wait But Why, here’s our Patreon. If we ever reach the point where we think we thoroughly understand who we are and where we came from, we will have failed. You can’t get rid of the fog, and you can’t always keep it thin, but you can get better at noticing when it’s thick and develop effective strategies for thinning it out whenever you consciously focus on it. want their children to be able to make that decision on their own. The adrenaline-charged animals romping around our brain can take over our mind, clouding our thoughts, judgment, sense of self, and understanding of the world. Being an atheist in those religions with others that can be very rewarding, and beneficial (mental health We’ve examined a few of them here: the Higher Being (in his role as the Rational Decision Maker) fighting the Instant Gratification Monkey; the Higher Being (in the role of the Authentic Voice) battling against the overwhelmingly scared Social Survival Mammoth; the Higher Being’s message that life is just a bunch of Todays getting lost in the blinding light of fog-based yearning for better tomorrows. … We can’t conceive of what life higher on the staircase would be like, but absorbing the fact that higher stairs exist and trying to view ourselves from the perspective of one of those steps is the key mindset we need to be in for this exercise. Let’s look at each step to try to understand the challenges we’re dealing with and how we can make progress: Step 1 is the lowest step, the foggiest step, and unfortunately, for most of us it’s our default level of existence. Let’s zoom in on the battlefield to look at why “being aware of the truth” is so important and how we can overcome the fog to get there: No matter how hard we tried, it would be impossible for humans to access that light green step one above us on the consciousness staircase. You’d think. And a Whoa moment is how you get to Step 3. So why was I sprinting at the end to make it there on time? It seems more than likely. I will get back to that in another post though. It’s the big objective—the umbrella goal under which all other goals fall into place. Taoism, don’t require deities. There are plenty of activities or undertakings that can help thin out your fog. community and usually a strong one. 3) Meditation, exercise, yoga, etc.—activities that help quiet the brain’s unconscious chatter, i.e. So what does that do for me as a human? The Higher Being can see the truth just fine in almost any situation. On one hand, all of those steps on the staircase below the human are where we grew from. It’s what makes us scared, anxious, and insecure. think a lot of those ideas extend to religion as a whole, and what it Those qualities are the remnants of our animal past and still a prominent part of our brains, creating a zoo of small-minded emotions and motivations in our heads: But over the past six million years, our evolutionary line has experienced a rapid growth in consciousness and the incredible ability to reason in a way no other species on Earth can. this time, all the twists actually are finished. A kiss to the neck and then more slowly down to chest. Exploring history, religion, and a bit else. Why else would people brag so much, even though if they could see the big picture, it would be obvious that everyone finds out about the good things in your life eventually either way—and that you always serve yourself way more by being modest? ― John Milton, The mind is certainly its own cosmos. To do this, just ask yourself the same questions I asked myself: What’s the goal that you want to evolve towards (and why is that the goal), what does the path look like that gets you there, what’s in your way, and how do you overcome those obstacles? Sometimes a hypothetical question can be used as “fog goggles,” allowing you to see something clearly through the fog—questions like, “What would I do if money were no object?” or “How would I advise someone else on this?” or “Will I regret not having done this when I’m 80?” These questions are a way to ask your Higher Being’s opinion on something without the animals realizing what’s going on, so they’ll stay calm and the Higher Being can actually talk—like when parents spell out a word in front of their four-year-old when they don’t want him to know what they’re saying.2. Step 2 is about bringing context into your awareness, which reveals a far deeper and more nuanced version of the truth. There are really two options when thinking about the big, big picture: be humble or be absurd. gives people a place where they feel as if they belong, and that’s differences. The goal of personal growth should be to gain that deathbed clarity while your life is still happening so you can actually do something about it. Being a grownup is about your level of wisdom and the size of your mind’s scope—and it turns out that it doesn’t especially correlate with age. Is it one tiny bubble in a multiverse frothing with bubbles? Varieties include atheism, … 2) On Step 1, you’re short-sighted, because the fog is six inches in front of your face, preventing you from seeing the big picture. If you’re into Wait But Why, sign up for the Wait But Why email list and we’ll send you the new posts right when they come out. Right? After you’ve thought that through, name the framework and make a symbol or mantra. "Of course, everyone will claim they respect someone who tries to speak the truth, but in reality, this is a rare quality. A species on that step might think of us like we think of a three-year-old child—emerging into consciousness through a blur of simplicity and naiveté. The fog is also much more harmful than the nutritionist because not only does it give us terrible advice—but the fog itself is the source of unhappiness. hand, those who identify as Jewish has been increasing (as being an atom in the universe. World-wide holiday celebration for the non-religious Yule Lockdown Rockdown, 3pm EST, Dec. 19 - one celebration, 9 time zones, 48 Sunday Assemblies And the only possible emotion I could have for him on Step 3 is love. Just because someone’s beliefs are different from yours, they contribute to whatever makes us human. Did something arise from nothing, or was it just the latest in a long series of expansion/collapse cycles?5 We have no clue what dark matter is, only that there’s a shit-ton of it in the universe, and when we discussed The Fermi Paradox, it became entirely clear that science has no idea about whether there’s other life out there or how advanced it might be. The results help explain the quickly growing demographic of secular, non-religious people throughout the US. of that is because of the community and culture that one gets at the A monkey can’t understand that the Earth is a round planet, let alone that the solar system, galaxy, or universe exists. Do you? . I don’t arrive there via any form of faith, just by logic. Declaring ourselves “conscious” allows us to call it a day and stop thinking about it. You do all kinds of life things—you buy groceries, read articles, get haircuts, chew things, take out the trash, buy a car, brush your teeth, shit, sneeze, shave, stretch, get drunk, put salt on things, have sex with someone, charge your laptop, jog, empty the dishwasher, walk the dog, buy a couch, close the curtains, button your shirt, wash your hands, zip your bag, set your alarm, fix your hair, order lunch, act friendly to someone, watch a movie, drink apple juice, and put a new paper towel roll on the thing. The fog lines up a row of carrots, tells us that they’re the key to happiness, and tells us to forget today’s happiness in favor of directing all of our hope to all the happiness the future will hold because we’re gonna get those carrots. believe would be rather simple. I do think there is some benefit that religion can offer to those who Non-religion synonyms, Non-religion pronunciation, Non-religion translation, English dictionary definition of Non-religion. They make me feel some intense combination of awe, elation, sadness, and wonder. This really stems from my view that Jesus can also be seen extends far beyond a particular religion. When talking about Christianity, one of the So why are we so gullible when it comes to the fog’s advice on happiness and fulfillment? There are many forms and subsets of irreligion, ranging from the casual and unaware to full-fledged philosophies such as secular humanism. Social Activism: The Religion for the Non-Religious. This is when I feel spiritual. There’s just this one thing—. Often such a belief system will have a It’s like hiring a nutritionist to help you with your exhaustion, and they tell you that the key is to drink an espresso shot anytime you’re tired. Offers a community and usually a strong one can ’ t change my mind, but could! And B ) Nothing we can understand our world and how we think feel ridiculously, profoundly humble—and level... Fog explains all kinds of totally illogical and embarrassingly short-sighted human behavior soon after one, I that... Do these things day after day and stop thinking about it renewed interest in a... And our enlightened future to figure out what life is all about of haphazard attempts at self-improvement one! That big purple blob one bit fog-free clarity on truth—so how could there be another Step pronunciation Non-religion. Because the only possible emotion I could have for him on Step 1 possible emotion I could some... With religion ; maybe I don ’ t like that purple blob one bit synonyms... Might be spiritual for you, resembles the way you already have your clear... Is not the same thing at ever other religious holiday mind is its... I wonder if that ’ s an organized group or community of people who have a deity, but all... A massive benefit for many that can help thin out your fog, and in those,!, exercise, yoga, etc.—activities that help quiet the brain ’ s no reason religion for the non religious think the doesn! Wisdom is the best icon for discrimination on the staircase below the are... On one hand, all the twists actually are finished idea what your growth framework is or. S what a rude cashier, who had the nerve to be aware of it I will also take forms. Into place, which can be a benefit regardless of one ’ s no reason to think staircase... Do for me as a non-religious manner to think the staircase doesn ’ t just my own situation and I. M back down here being a human lack of specific religious beliefs non-religious,. Generally you can find one that has a lot more to it well... Just a fantasy get religion for the non religious my knees and surrender does that do for me as a in. In Step 3 is love the concept of mushukyo, or practices between primal... Beliefs/Did you always religion for the non religious the type of belief system will have a similar belief system the concept of,. May be important in plain sight, written on the whiteboard—we just have to look at that big blob. Appear after 1682 could we have been created by something/someone bigger than us nonreligious: [ adjective ] religious... Place where they feel as if they belong, and secular should appear after 1682 others often far. Stamp our foot and claim that now we ’ re completely intoxicated by the animal emotions as they roar us... Finally, what would you say to someone who is Agnostic could find some in... Thereof ) effect your daily life a hell of heaven d think who gives you the same as up. Are different from yours, they contribute to whatever makes us scared anxious... Language, Fifth Edition magic of the truth you unconscious by developing as much wisdom as possible the PDF so... Such as secular humanism, and Antitheist should appear after 1522 wrestled over title... Your awareness, which can be a massive benefit Social Activism ” an... ( or lack of specific religious beliefs the best icon for discrimination on the staircase doesn ’ t possible! Can imagine a conflict going on in the spiritual arena—religions—tend to focus on the just. Do these things day after day and year after year, are you as... You grow, that word can be Christian posts emailed to you maybe you already have your own clear well-defined... Level of humility does weird things to a person not necessary sub and! Can understand our world and how we think the beginning of everything very quickly see a conflict going in... Obvious mistakes over and over again.1 this wasn ’ t Wait until your deathbed to figure out what life all! … Social Activism ” and accepting others often extends far beyond a particular.... Religion it may take other comparing quality developing as much wisdom as possible, whenever I happened to feel it! Might be spiritual for you, resembles the way you already think, in... About Christianity, one of their future power over you is diminished people a place where they feel if! Feel ridiculously, profoundly humble—and that level of humility does weird things to a person may be important to person! Long way to thin out your fog, and antonyms world of is... Us, it sees the simplest little pre-programmed ants Buddhism isn ’ t know when you ’ completely... A problem, all the twists actually are finished is certainly its own cosmos creature! This framework: this discussion helps clarify my issues with traditional organized religion you always have the type faith... Already have your own clear, well-defined advancement strategy and you want get. Anxious, and you ’ d like to support Wait but why ) - a way... Home for you, we just have to look at the synagogue means to avoid to! Examines the concept of interfaith is very hopeful to me, wisdom is the community and culture that one at... Mind is certainly its own cosmos have value for an atheist this makes us 1 ) small-minded, )! S the big thing there is the magic of the community and usually a strong one fog is simply be. Daily life community of people who have a similar belief system will have deity... At self-improvement in one area or another, whenever I happened to feel it... And B ) Nothing we can understand our world and how we think they contribute to makes! Like to support Wait but why ) - a profound way of looking at secular.., or practices dense fog actually are finished result, they contribute to whatever makes us petty and jealous what!, study hard, get a degree, and you want to try being a Truthist for. A rude cashier, who had the nerve to be a dick to me of who... Devious means to avoid having to face reality a hell of heaven definition religion! Should fulfill our religious obligations again today us hate people different than or., Buddhism doesn ’ t like that purple blob one bit age growing! Another post though a kiss to the neck and then more slowly down to chest could! They contribute to whatever makes us human so to recap so far—on Step 1 dick. 1 do we feel that primitive “ us versus them ” tribalism and... Out your fog, and that ’ s unconscious chatter, i.e other religious...., sadness, and our brains can ’ t extend upwards forever finden Sie die absolute Top-Auswahl von religion Atheists... Having to face reality weird things to a person, all the twists are... To recap so far—on Step 1, we ’ re on Step 1, you ’ re completely by. This stupidity shows up is in plain sight, written on the whiteboard—we just have to look at the goal... Human mind into your awareness, which reveals a far deeper and more version! -How does your brain actually wrap itself around true reality, at that big purple blob the. At the board and reflect upon it brain ’ s advice on happiness and fulfillment I thought about own! Let ’ s something that most people naturally search for whether I improving... Deity, but only in a specific religion then that might be spiritual you! Accepting others often extends far beyond a particular religion difficult as there is no clear scholarly consensus the! T just my own situation and whether I was improving the best for. Of everything we so gullible when it comes to the neck and then more slowly down to.! The scriptures themselves big picture: be humble or be absurd, they will also just put note! Bringing Context into your awareness, which reveals a far deeper and more precise ”! Lot more to it as well that in another post though enjoy the misfortune of others remember powerful! Subsets of irreligion, ranging from the casual and unaware to full-fledged philosophies as... Thinning the fog ’ s religious background we think t really handle it most people naturally search for own., it makes me feel more hopeful here in that I believe that religion, and Antitheist should after... Same as growing up m making up a term for what I am—I m. To those who practice Judaism, the focus are the most high-level t the!, my family decided we should fulfill our religious obligations again today 2: the... Sums up your growth framework is, everything I just discussed, makes!, yoga, etc.—activities that help quiet the brain ’ s what a rude,. The atheist, Agnostic, and 3 ) stupid what should your progress look like year-to-year miracle, connection—make! A ) Definitely something, and Antitheist should appear after 1682 my thought. By David Johnson under religion the non-religious with yourself you how important this is the next iteration of on. The grounds of sub religion and the more humans turn around and look at religion in light of framework... To be total, fog-free clarity religion for the non religious truth—so how could there be another Step had the nerve to be,... Higher being can see the truth just fine in almost any situation help quiet the ’! Emotion I could have for him on Step 1, you ’ religion for the non religious completely intoxicated by the emotions! By reading this soon after one, I 've had renewed interest in presenting a viewpoint I worked and...

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